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The Acai Berry

Previously Acai berry is known only to natives of the Amazon Rainforest, the acai berry is now being hunted after for its extraordinary antioxidant power and health traits. This site is your complete guide about acai berry, acai berry juice and its benefits. We aren’t selling anything, so you won’t hear any propaganda or unproven claims. Just analysis and truth about one of the healthiest foods on earth.

Bowl of Acai Berries

What is the Acai Berry?

Want to know more about the benefits? Here you’ll find out why a tiny purple berry has doctors, scientists, and anti-aging experts very, very interested. Read More...

Acai Berry & Weight Loss

Is Acai berry is good for Diet & Weight Loss?

There is a lot of buzz about acai berry and weight loss. Some of the products sounds too good to be true. Is it true? Our study has the answers. Read More...

Woman Exercise

Acai Berry Juice Benefits

We researched a lot about this amazing food and found that Acai isn’t called nature’s perfect food for nothing. We provide below some of the health benefits that research has shown you can get from consuming the acai berry. Read More...

Acai Berries

FAQ about Acai Berry Juice

We have provided about the magical fruit acai berry in this website. If you are in hurry to know more about the acai berry, we have answered the most frequently asked questions below. Read More...

Acai Berry Side Effects

Acai Berry Side Effects

Are there any negative side effects from acai berry? What about mixing acai and medications? We'll answer all of those questions here. Read More...

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